Who is Ocelot Media?

We are a husband and wife team in Northern California with over ten years experience in web design, SEO, content management, email marketing, search marketing and consulting. We specialize in local business marketing and web design in Northern California (more specifically, the San Francisco Bay Area, Delta Valley and Sacramento). We were both born and raised up here, so we intimately know and love this area.

Why do I need your services?

All businesses, big and small, local and worldwide, need a web presence. What that presence is composed of is what changes from business to business. Need just a small website to showcase your portfolio? Great! Do you want your modern website to show up high in Google rankings while reaching as many current clients as possible via email and social media? No problem! We’ll work with you. We understand that your needs are unique.

Can I get a quote?

Absolutely! Contact us for a customized estimate, as your investment will vary depending upon the project. You may just need a website without monthly management, which would be a one-time fee, or you may require monthly maintenance. We also offer search marketing services and email marketing, as well as analysis and consulting for local businesses. The best way to get an estimate is to tell us your needs.

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