About Ocelot Media

Rachael and the kids in Portland
Yes, I need to get professional headshots. This'll do for now!

Local, Family-Owned, non-GMO*....jk

Hi, I’m Rachael, lover of gaming, lattes, rats, travel, and camping. Oh, and my family. Check out these cute kids. My husband would be in here, but we are really lacking in good family photos with the four of us. Yikes! I’ll add that to my never-ending to-do list.

I’m also a liberal progressive, so if that’s an issue, kindly move along.

So, in the long long ago times (the early 2000s), I started fiddling around with building websites. A bit later, I messed around with WordPress. This was all just for fun – weird, I know. I had no intention of ever doing this as an actual job. 

In 2012, I was a stay-at-home mom who worked part-time as a vet tech. When I started meeting more people in my community, I found myself bothered at their lack of web presence. So that started the bartering stage of my business. “I’ll build you a website in exchange for your farm’s produce, absolutely!”

It grew from there. Eric, my husband, has always worked in digital marketing. He gave me a needed push to lean into web design, and eventually that grew into an interest in everything related to it. I realized that businesses need so much more than a website. In 2015, Ocelot Media was born.

My passion is the same as it was many years ago – helping local businesses succeed. And I really mean that! Eric and I love learning about other small businesses and figuring out exactly how we can help them grow.


*Non-GMO and Organic is a giant marketing scam. Just a little FYI. 🙂

Meet the team

We’ll add professional photos soon, we promise.

Rachael Garrison

Web Designer, Lead Marketer

Eric Garrison

Paid Search

Rachael and Eric Garrison

Marketing Team

Carissa Rossi

Email Marketing Strategist

Photo coming soon!