Implementation and Management for all your PPC Campaigns

Optimize Your Ad Spend

If you’re currently running your own campaigns, you are throwing money away. You need someone experienced with paid advertising to take over. We ensure that we spend every dollar as optimally as possible.

First, we thoroughly test your campaigns with a low budget. We want to make sure that we are not wasting any time or money, so a testing period is crucial for success.

Once we have compiled enough real-time data, we are able to launch full campaigns with proper setup. Then, we can manage them on an ongoing basis to make necessary adjustments over time.

We pride ourselves on our razor-sharp focus to details. With monthly reporting, you get to see exactly how your money was spent and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

What We Provide

The most important thing we provide is experience. Eric, our paid ads expert, has more than 17 years of PPC experience, which is incredibly valuable for optimizing your organization’s ROI.

Like everything we do, we go all in when it comes to PPC. Google Analytics is used to support all our efforts. If we are working on your SEO, our findings are a significant asset. We are available to communicate with you at any time about your campaigns, and provide monthly detailed reports. 

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