San Francisco Bay Area photographer Red Eye Collection web design by Ocelot Media

Red Eye Collection – 2017

The Problem

Red Eye Collection continues to expand their business, taking on even more photographers and booking clients months in advance. Much of this is due to our marketing and design efforts for the past three years. To stay ahead of the game, particularly in the very competitive SF Bay Area wedding space, a website redesign was in order. The website that we designed in 2015 was no longer keeping up with current design trends and was suffering on mobile devices.

The Solution

We made mobile design a high priority, as it becomes a higher and higher priority for every design with every client. The desktop version showcases their stunning photography and captures user’s attention with multiple images throughout the site combined with the right balance of copy. On the mobile site, images are easy to find but not overwhelming, and the same is true for all copy. Our focus on UI and UX was key for this design. Ever since we went live, all website stats have improved: bounce rate, conversion rate, etc. We continue to regularly work with Red Eye Collection to improve their search rankings using a variety of marketing techniques.

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